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Parrafin Wax Bath and Trager Massage

Submitted by Gillian Walker Registered Massage Therapist

Paraffin Wax Bath

A treatment used on the hands and feet. The wax is made from petroleum-base wax and mineral oils.

The heat from the wax bath increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, and decreases stiffness in joints. People suffering from arthritis pain, fibromyalgia or stiffness can benefit from this treatment. 

It is now available at Edson Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Centre.

Trager Massage

A gentle bodywork and joint play to help improve mobility, posture, reduce pain and increase flexibility.

This type of joint play is very slow and rhythmic, taking the joint in a relaxed state through its full range of motion. 

Clients with arthritis, fluid build up and chronic pain would benefit from this non –invasive approach.

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