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~~Brittanee McGuire born and raised in the Edson area while taking her training at The Alberta Massage Training in Edmonton. Her career has been growing since 2009. She has a committed interest to always learn, explore and try new modalities and techniques to make her practice well balanced. Finding balance is key in life which makes massaging such a great tool in our health care today.

She loves getting outside in all seasons, enjoying fresh air with her boyfriend, friends, family and animals. Creating things to eat is also a fun way to be creative outside my massage practice.

What I do:

Emotion Code is a gentle and effective energy healing technique. It works through releasing negative emotional energies from life events that can affect body pains, sleep, negative behavioral patterns and more. With Emotion Code the emotions that are trapped in your body are named for you and released. You choose to talk as little or as much as you want. Releasing negative emotions allows the body to be more balanced and therefore facilitates our natural abilities for self-healing.


My name is Ginette Martin and I’m originally from BC, but I have lived in Edson for about 10 years now. Dr. Blair Martin and I share our funny farm with our two wonderful young boys; Kaelum and Colton. My boys keep me busy with school, sports and volunteering where I can. Personally I enjoy a quiet morning of yoga, time in my garden and outdoor adventures. I love to travel and travelled extensively in my younger years and hopefully will again one day!

I’m a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and I’m evolving my abilities to also include Body Code. I discovered Emotion Code when Colton struggled with night terrors, horrible sleeping and therefore concerning daytime behaviors. Emotion Code made a world of difference on Colton and led me on this fantastic journey. I thoroughly enjoy working with people of all ages; sometimes we do not realize the weight and affect of something until it is released!

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