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-Halotherapy - Salt therapy Submitted by Brittanee Fewchuk

-Halotherapy - Salt therapy

-Release & Restore _ Feel lighter - Ease your mind

  • Massage treatment mixed with Pink Himalayan salt therapy containing 84 trace minerals. Absorbing through the skin allows many health benefits.
  • That can help reduce & relieve sore, stiff muscles while restoring the body back into balance
  • Both nervous system and poor blood circulation often results in stiff, sore, cold parts of your body while reducing fatigue. This can help reduce emotions like anxiety and tension throughout.

-Inflammation is reduced in joints and bones

-Relives cramping muscles

-Tired dry, dull skin giving a glow. While exfoliating -

-Reducing aging as dead skin exfoliation happens in the cells.

—Salt therapy treatments include warm towels to cleanse body before or after a rejuvenating infused salt scrub, new warm towel to remove excess salts, followed by the massage treatment. Allowing the salt therapy to take place before massage is very stimulating to the blood flow and nervous system which in turns help speed the healing detox process of the body so much faster during treatment.

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